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Sh'mot/Exodus Yitro 18:1–20:23

The name of the Parshah, "Yitro," means "Jethro" and it is found in Exodus 18:1.

Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, hears of the great miracles which YEHOVAH performed for the people of Israel, and comes from Midian to

the Israelite camp, bringing with him Moses’ wife and two sons. Jethro advises Moses to appoint a hierarchy of magistrates and judges to

assist him in the task of governing and administering justice to the people.

The children of Israel camp opposite Mount Sinai, where they are told that YEHOVAH has chosen them to be His “kingdom of priests”

and “holy nation.” The people respond by proclaiming, “All that YEHOVAH has spoken, we shall do.”

On the sixth day of the third month (Sivan), seven weeks after the Exodus, the entire nation of Israel assembles at the foot of Mount

Sinai for the Giving of the Torah. YEHOVAH descends on the mountain amidst thunder, lightning, billows of smoke and the blast of the

shofar, and summons Moses to ascend.

YEHOVAH proclaims the Ten Commandments, commanding the people of Israel to believe in YEHOVAH, not to worship idols or take

YEHOVAH'S name in vain, to keep the Shabbat, honor their parents, not to murder, not to commit adultery, not to steal, and not to bear

false witness or covet another’s property. The people cry out to Moses that the revelation is too intense for them to bear, begging him to

receive the Torah from YEHOVAH and convey it to them.

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