464 Understanding the end of the age properly


Synopsis: There is a saying “there are things that are set in stone” what does this mean biblically and spiritually? There is a plan of Yehovah that is going to happen whether we like it or not. There is going to be change in this world whether we like it or not. Some of the change is going to positive and a vast amount is going to be negative. Our job is to be prepared for whatever changes come our way. In this message we are going to take a very detailed look at “A time and a place for everything under heaven”. To learn how to rightly divide the book of wisdom. To see examples of great people in the scriptures, which had to endure what, might seem to us to be an eternity of time waiting for their blessings to come. Are you one of those people waiting?

SECTION 1: IT HAS BEEN FIXED AND SET IN STONE. Pharaoh had a dream. This dream impacted his life in such a profound way he sought many different people to help him understand this dream. Yoseph met 2 people while in jail for a crime he did not commit. He was given wisdom from above and was able to tell these two men what would happen in their lives from their dreams. It came to pass that these two men had their dreams come true and Yoseph said don’t forget about me, but they did. Two years had to go by before the one man remembered Yoseph and his abilities. Yehovah has a plan that has been set in motion and has been fixed to happen in all of our lives. There is a season coming that we are about to enter. We need to learn the keys how to be a wise and sensible servant.

SECTION 2: RDW UNDERSTANDING OF THE TIME AND THE SEASONS REGARDING PROPHECY. The book of wisdom will give us clues to what Yeshua said to us in section 1. We will look at 8 verses in this book of wisdom to give us greater power to run at our problems and concur them. We will see how there will be a time we all have to speak up of help will come from another place and if it does your house will come to ruin. We will look at a time that we are actually commanded to hate so how amazing this verse is with your Hebrew roots.

SECTION 3: WHEN IS THE CONCLUSION OF THIS SEASON? The end of the age is coming to a close are you ready for what has been set in stone?

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