463 The absolute authority of the WORD

Synopsis: This message will focus on the absolute truth of the word of Yehovah. How from the very beginning of time there have been absolutes truths given to the entire world from the one true King. How these absolutes do not change, ever, not even from one testament to the next. Once this key has been established we will look at the authority over us and the world, of HIS absolute truths. When the hand of His authority comes into our lives and it is welcomed there are outstanding blessings. But with this authority comes the flaming arrows of hatred from those who hate this absolute authority. We will see how the mantel of leadership is with those who allow this to be the top priority in their lives no matter what happens to you.


SECTION 1: ABSOLUTE TRUTH. There are absolutes truths that never change. Contrary to popular belief of the so called church these truths are the same yesterday, today and forever. These truths did not stop or change at the crucifixion but instead were confirmed by the resurrection. Yehovah made promises that will never be broken to the Jew and the Grafted in Gentile. Our Father never lies, He never changes, He has compassion, He has mercy, and He have love for those who wholeheartedly seek His absolute truths. He also has a final word for those that practice falsehood; you will not enter HIS house after you leave this life for the next.


SECTION 2: AUTHORITY. Authority is when you allow another’s hand to be over your will. When you give up your will and yield to another person’s leadership. Now that authority might be a person you respect in business. That authority might be a teacher at school. The authority might be a person you love. That authority might be a gang leader who shows you friendship or “family” because you come from a broken home that has no father or leader. In the section we will look at the one who is the real TRUE authority. We will see what happens positive and negatively when we yield or we refuse to yield to HIS hand, His authority on each of our individual lives.


SECTION 3 : THE ROBE OF LEADERSHIP IS NOT ALWAYS WORN WHERE PEOPLE CAN SEE IT.  The Torah lives in each and every person. Yoseph was given a robe of leadership that made even his brothers jealous. This robe was an outward sign of his leadership role in the family of Israel. Prior to getting this robe of leadership his father knew that his son had a greater purpose then he could even imagine. With a great calling comes jealousy and hatred from others for shinning the truth. Sometimes people will act on the jealousy and sometimes they will not. The key to the robe of leadership is this, it does not matter what other people do, what matters for your eternity is what you do during the trials. For if there have been absolute truths that have been from the beginning of time. If there has been authority of the Kingdom since the establishment of this world. Then the true test will be when all things have been stripped bare from you, will you still follow the perfect mitzvoths? For if you do keep the perfect mitzvoths in time everything will be restored and the riches of the Kingdom will be at you command.     


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