457 Potter & Clay

If Christian leaders like Billy Graham would have done this we would not be in the mess we are today.

SECTION 1: CLAY. We have heard the saying you are the potter and we are the clay before. Today we are going to truly understand what this saying means and how it applies to us today. In this section we get to the origins of the clay. What does “the clay” mean? How does this play a part in the seven blessing given to Avram in B’resheet 12? How does this I am the potter and you are the clay fit in to the tower of Bavel account? How does Yeshua point to the tower and seemingly give no attention to the deaths of the Jews by the Goyim during His ministry?

Section 2: The Potter. Who is the Potter and why does He call us clay? How does this Passage in the Tanak tie together with Rav Sha’uls’ letter to the Romans? How does this passage speak of the heart of the people 12 years before the destruction of the temple? How does this heart play into a deeper understanding of Yeshua’s ministry here on earth? How does the heart of those people give us a fair warning for the possible destruction on our horizon? The Potter wants to mold us into a renewed piece of work today, will you let Him?


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