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Jos 24:15  If it seems bad to you to serve Adonai, then choose today whom you are going to serve! Will it be the gods your ancestors served beyond the River? or the gods of the Emori, in whose land you are living? As for me and my household, we will serve Adonai!"

This is a straight forward in your face message. No more playing around. No more worrying about some homosexuals poor little feelings. I DON’T CARE. What I do care about is making the KING of kings, The LORD of all Creation, making HIM Happy. There are men and women in the bible who stood up for the Lord, faced certain death but, instead, were victorious. Why, because Yehovah blessed them. Yeshua said I did not come here to bring peace but a sword. Yeshua said I will divide families, 4 against 5, 2 against 3. Today we must choose between serving our flesh and serving ourselves or serving the King the WAY HE DESIRES NOT the way we desire. The Christians say we were given power at Pentecost. First that word and that holiday is not found in the bible. But for argument sake let us just say it really happened. As we look at today’s worldwide events children being taken by the German government from their home simply because they were being taught the bible in that house. Christians being slaughtered in many muslim nations. Christians being told they can’t work for the city of San Antonio Tx. if they believe in traditional marriage. I say the Pentecost power is gone. We need to ask why and how do we get the power back. Once again this is a very strong take no prisoners, crush the evil one satan message.


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