429 What is Acceptable


SECTION 1: HE NEVER CHANGES. Many people truly do not understand this phrase He never changes. Or they say it but don’t truly understand what it means. When my son Connor was maybe 8 years old he had some friends who were not followers of God’s word. After playing with some of these children he began to use certain words he learned from them. These words were not Godly. I asked my son do you know what that word means? He said sure I do with much confidence. I asked him to explain the meaning of the word he was using. Let us just say the definition he gave me and the actual meaning were nowhere in the same zip code. Many so called followers of Messiah have that same mentality saying words but truly not understanding the meaning of what they are saying. We will look at how Yehovah never changes and what is the true meaning of that. This first part of the message will be the foundation to finding out “What is acceptable” to our King.

SECTION 2: A STUDY OF THE PAST TO SEE THE FUTURE. In this section we will look at the Prophet Yirmeyahu (Jer). He is given words to speak to Israel from Yehovah. These words speak of how Israel has disregarded the true path and how this has hurt and angered the one true King. In this section we will study these events and see how that it is once again happening in our world today. The world and everything in it is Yehovah’s. The model we look at is Israel’s narrow path that HE wants them to follow. If Yehovah is the same yesterday, today, and forever would He not have the same standard throughout all eternity for all people?

SECTION 3: WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE TO THE ONE WHO NEVER CHANGES? Would He say to one people this is an acceptable offering and to another be completely different. If He is the same always wouldn’t we think He was hypocritical if He said to one people this behavior is acceptable and to those called by His name a whole set of different standards? We must seek the word from end to end to understand what is acceptable in His sight before it is too late.


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