424 the biblical lessons learned from this week in biblical history and what they mean for the future

Section 1: a biblical warning from the guy most NT people focus on. Romans 11 be terrified a warning. This beginning section of the message is not to get any one people group angry. What its focus is this  about a dire warning to all people. BGMC teaches in accordance with the whole word of God. That means we do not teach that the law was nailed to the cross and therefore done away with. We do not teach this heresy. We teach that Yehovah never changes. We look at the bible as one continuous book. Not the Old and the New testaments. With that said we look at this letter the rabbi, Sha’ul writes in chapter 11 of the book of Romans. We see his straight forward, very plainly written warning to all people. He goes over why the Hebrew people have been chastised and exhorts the new Gentile converts to Messianic Judaism not to make the same errors. He pleads with these new converts to become better Jews then the natural branch so that the natural branch Jews would come back to God.

Section 2: the exodus. In this section we will look at this week in biblical history. We will take a look at how God’s word works for the Chosen people and how one Gentile man destroyed a whole Gentile nation because he would not listen to Yehovah. We will look at how Yehovah gave signs and wonders and a choice to those people. We will see how in the final plague not one Gentile home in that whole empire did not have sorrow in their home. We will then explore the choices that the chosen people and a mixed multitude make. We will see the wall that is set up by Yehovah Himself between His people and those that would try to murder them. This wall was a separation of those who chose to follow the word of God into the desert. A choice to leave the old life behind and to follow Yehovah with all your heart, mind, strength and soul.

Section 3: Our leader has just been crucified what happens now. The talmidim had a very pleasant 3.5 years. There was some tension between Yeshua and the Religious leadership of Israel. The talmidim knew that the power to put someone to death was no longer in the religious leaderships hands. So what was the worst thing that could happen? A whipping or some other punishment like that? None of the talmidim could have really considered that the Gentile Romans would assist the Religious leadership to murder their leader Yeshua. But it happened now what? We will look at this week in biblical history and try to put ourselves into the talmidim ‘s sandals to feel what happened. 


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