422 the judges

SECTION 1: CROSS OVER TO THE PROMISED LAND. Many people are realizing that there is a need to get to the other side. They are realizing that there is something wrong with the picture that they are getting from there priest, pastor or rabbi how it just does not line up with Scripture. In their spirit they know they need to get to the other side but they don’t know how to get over the raging river that separates them from the true Promised Land. In this section we will look at that need, desire and call from the Mighty One and see how Yehovah will remove worldly obstacles so you can reach the Promised Land if you are willing to follow. 

SECTION 2: KING OF LIES. There is a battle for our souls. There is someone who is willing to do anything he can to keep you away from Yehovah and getting over to the Promised Land. The name of that one is “evil” and he is the king of all lies. The evil one satan will twist the truth, make truth sound like evil and straight out lie to you if you are not grounded the word. In this section we will examine simple traditions that have become religious truths. How a simple tradition becomes a truth, that becomes the law of the people. But how this is not the will of Yehovah and will ultimately separate you from the Promised Land.

SECTION 3: READING AND DISCIPLESHIP. As a chosen people we must make reading the Scriptures a part of our daily lives. Without this constant contact with the word a small crack in our armor can cost us our eternal lives. As each person gets older they are at a different stage in their walk with the King. They are experiencing different challenges and now require a different level of understanding of the same material called Scripture. A child may be able to recite the 10 commandments and even say the word adultery at 3 years old. It is not until they get older that they may truly understand, and most importantly comprehend what adultery means. The same goes with each person coming back to the proper Hebrew roots of the faith and the only proper ancient path to understand the meaning of the word. This section will focus on Yehovah’s importance on leadership and discipleship, what happens to the people if either one of these things are missing in our society.

SECTION 4: JUDGES. How important are the judges? Did you know that there has not always been 9 Supreme Court justices at the United States Supreme Court. The big question is this, how can 9 people who are all lawyers. 9 people who are supposedly trained in the same set of laws. All hear the same argument in the same court, on the same day. How can these 9 people in most cases see things so differently? 5 go one way and 4 go the complete opposite. We will examine the root cause of this conundrum in this section to see how the real Supreme Court works.  

SECTION 5: DECEPTION. This section will take the knowledge gained from each of the previous 4 sections and show us the tricks of the evil one. How even from the ancient of days people would bold face lie to one another how nothing has changed even till this day but escalated. We will look at the 6 things GOD HATES. The agitation from Yehovah because we are like toddlers instead of adults in following His word. We will finally look at what Yehovah considers a worthless way of thinking and how to test those evil misguided people who speak against the word and would tell us it is ok to think like that. For we must remember there is ONLY one way, one truth and only way to live your life if you want to get to the Ultimate Promised Land.   



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