There will one day be a new heaven and a new earth. There will be a New Jerusalem that comes down out of heaven. There will be 12 gates to get into God’s new home here on earth with His people. On the 12 gates are listed some names. Let me tell you some of the names that ARE NOT LISTED; Catholics, Baptists, Evangelicals, Assembly of God, Jehovah Witnesses. Find out what names are listed and how you can gain entrance into one of those heavenly gates.

SECTION 1: THE TWELVE GATES IN HEAVEN. According to the World Christian Encyclopedia (year 2000 version), global Christianity had 33,820 denominations. Are there 33,820 gates in the New Jerusalem? If not what does that mean for all those denominations? What are the twelve gates in the New Jerusalem? What are the names of those gates? Is there significance to each name on each gate? What is the equipment that will be found on each and every one of those gates?

SECTION 2: GRAFTED IN. Becoming part of the House of Israel. Going through one of those 12 gates requires a submission to the will of the Father and the will of the Son. Many people say that when a Jew accepts jesus into their heart they become a Christian. Is this a true and biblical statement? What does the word proselyte mean?

SECTION 3: THE MAN ON THE CROSS NEXT TO MESSIAH. Why do we know about these two other men on the cross next to Yeshua? What is the meaning of this event? What are the lessons to be gleaned from the one man who believed and the other man who was cursed? What happens if your not on a cross and you relies Yeshua is Messiah, what happens next? Is there a way to live your life that is pleasing, and is there a way that is displeasing to the King of kings? 

SECTION 4: A SEAT AT HIS TABLE. How many people want a seat at the Lord’s table? There is only ONE reference in the entire bible where the words seat and table are in the same sentence. You will be amazed at what it says. Those who have a seat with the Messiah are those who do not get vomited out.

 SECTION 5: DISPELLING THE LIES OF satan. The evil one has told a great lie to a vast majority of Christians and sadly to many Messianic Jews. The adversary has told the body that Yehovah’s rules do not apply any more. The adversary has told another great lie, that the Jew needs to follow those ancient rules but for the Gentile none of the ancient rules apply because of jesus. At BGMC we don’t care what the world says. We teach from this pulpit what can be proven by the Perfect Word of God. We will be shown and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the TORAH, the perfect teachings from Heaven is not only still valid today, but also valid for both the Jew and the Gentile. If, you want to get in through one of those 12 gates you should listen closely and take notes.


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