419 The blueprints

SECTION 1: THE YOKE. Yeshua used a phrase “take my yoke all you who are heavy laden.” What does this phrase mean to the Hebrew people He was speaking to?  Was Yeshua speaking about chicken eggs and an omelet or something deeply profound? How does it tie together with leaving Egyptian bondage and of manmade Talmudic and Christian doctrines?  What does it mean for us today?

SECTION 2: THE BLUEPRINTS. What are blueprints? How are they made? How that chemical is found in all things, and is one of the essential building blocks of life itself? What information is on the blueprint? Why did Yehovah say to make everything according to the blueprint I showed you?

SECTION 3: INSPECTION. During each phase of the construction of a home there is an inspector that comes to inspect. The inspector will see if the plans that were submitted to the inspector’s and approved by that office are being followed. If the plans submitted are not being followed in the construction there are serious consequences. Some of these consequences may be some minor adjustments and redoing of certain aspects of construction. But sometimes, when the plans that have been submitted and approved have been so disregarded. The inspector will say the whole construction project must be torn down and started all over again. This does not mean that the plans were bad; it means the people who were doing the construction did not want to follow the blueprints. In this section we will look at the Hebrew roots of the blueprint. We will look at the inspection gate and the upper room.

SECTION 4: IT IS FINISHED. Yeshua’s last words as a human were “It is finished” why are these His last recorded words as a man? In a Hebrew roots context what does that phrase mean? How do those words point us all the way back to the Mishkan? How do those words “it is finished” have absolutely nothing to do with the completing of the law as the church so profoundly has misunderstood. How do these words in there Hebrew context confirm the keeping of the commandments for all people both Jew and Gentile alike?


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