416 armed with a double edged sword

Guns, guns, guns…Est 8:11  The letters said that the king had granted the Jews in every city the right "to assemble and defend their lives by destroying, killing and exterminating any forces of any people or province that would attack them, their little ones or their women or would try to seize their goods as plunder

In this passage of the scriptures we see that we are allowed to protect ourselves. The key to real protection is let YHVH fight your battles, for HE has never lost one fight.

SECTION 1: RULES FOR LIFE. There are rules that never change. Like the laws of physics. Or even the laws of gravity. Is there rules that YHVH has that do not change? In the world we are living in we have many major denominations and well known writers telling us that what was in the past may not be applicable today. Then the question is was salvation only for people in the past and not for us today? Are there rules for life so that you get to eternal life?

SECTION 2: DEFEND YOURSELF. Many people around the globe and certainly in America are talking about gun control. As I was meditating on this very hot topic and YHVH spoke to me about the Book of Ester. About what happened and why. But specifically He wants us to look at chapter 8. We will look at this knowledge and how it applies to us today. This section only has a little to do with guns but more with spiritual weapons. We will also look at the prophet Yesha’yahu and the three point plan of the enemy. The three strikes and your out of the biblical game. 

SECTION 3: GET RID OF THE MEN. The final part of satan’s plan is to get rid of the men. When we see this bold attack in its biblical context we will see how close to the end of life as we know it coming to a close. If this third strike goes by us without us taking a swing at it then we have allowed satan to win.


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