414 a time and season for all things

 Is the secular year 2013 going to be a good season or a bad season? What do the signs tell us? It says in the Good Book “that there is a season for all things under heaven”. This message will look at the spiritual season that lies ahead.

SECTION 1: HE, NEVER CHANGES. One of the things that I find to be the most special about YHVH is HE never changes. People may change, governments may change, fashion may change but the King of Kings never changes. From the Gan-Eden to eternity HE will never change.

SECTION 2: SEASONS. Why do we have seasons? What are their purposes? Why is the world tilted in just that manor? Why are there stars in the sky? Are there spiritual season for people? Are there spiritual seasons for all the people of the world? Is there a great plan that we can understand by understanding the seasons spiritually?

SECTION 3: THERE IS A TIME AND A SEASON FOR EVERYTHING UNDER HEAVEN. Sometimes it is hot outside. Sometimes it is hot and humid. Sometimes it is cold. Sometimes it is cold and rainy. Yehovah designed an incredible world. Most of the time when you just can’t take the cold anymore it starts to warm up and spring begins. The same goes for summer. When it is 95 degrees with 100% percent humidity for the 10th straight day and you can’t take it anymore. The cooler temperatures begin and the cycle starts all over. In this section we will look at the Kohelet (Ecclesiastes), Yochanan 3 parallels. The spiritual season we are about to enter into and the reasons why.

SECTION 4 : UNLEASHED. Many people are saying that evil has been unleashed in the world. Is that saying even in the bible? What we will find is something deeply profound in this Hebrew Roots understanding of, “evil is being unleashed”. How this phrase ties together with Messiah’s parable of the “Vineyard”. What this means for us living on this planet today.


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