Synopsis of the message;

This message will focus on spiritual sickness. How did the body get this disease? What was the cause? Is it fatal? Can we stop it? Do we need an amputation to save the body? What is the cure, and is there time for the medicine to take affect or is it too late?



SECTION 1: ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. Learning the keys to a healthy spiritual life. Understanding the Hebrew roots of the Ruach lives in you.


SECTION 2: MAKE THEM ONE AS YOU AND I ARE ONE. Being one with the maker of heaven and of earth. Understanding how to walk on the same path as Yeshua and not blazing a new trail.


SECTION 3: LEARNING THE SYMPTOMS OF OUR DISEASE BEFORE IT BECOMES FATAL. It is said that a heart attack is the silent killer. How does one get cancer? What are the signs of a spiritual heart attack? What are the signs of spiritual cancer?


SECTION 4: I GOT THIS PAIN IN MY SHOULDER WHEN I DO THIS. Then don’t do that! If we know these things cause pain and eventually death then why do we do them?


SECTION 5: THE CURE. Who is the great Physician? Learning about Yehovah Raffa The Lord the healer


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